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Have you ever seen an elephant in person? While buying a plane ticket to Africa is a bit pricey and you’re crammed in-between two other passengers who snore, it’s possible to see it in comfort right in your very own city. It’s also excellent for travelers who are going to the Fort Worth area. The Fort Worth zoo certainly isn’t the largest in Texas, and definitely isn’t the largest in the world, yet it has its own merit to it that can’t be found in one of those large city zoos.

A new bundle of joy has recently hit the scene. Baby Brazos is here to delight and entertains you by squirting water at you through his impossibly large nose. He’s a big guy and is going to get a whole lot bigger. Seeing him only costs you $17. Your kids can get in for $13. Wheeling grandma through the park costs $13 as well.

For those of us who can’t save the funds or would just like a discount, it’s possible to get into the zoo for half the price on Wednesday. The added savings could go towards a nice large snow cone or some other great dessert that’s perfect to quench the Texas heat.

Have you ever wanted to have an encounter with a giraffe? You and your family may enjoy the giraffe encounter where you get to get up close and personal with one. Closed-toed shoes are a must. Having a friendly disposition with animals and the ability to listen to everything your zoologist says is also highly recommended. Adults and children over the age of 8 years old will love this part of the exhibit.

We have big cats that delight and amaze. “lions, tigers, and bears oh my”. While they’re certainly scary in the wild, they’re quite tame and always napping at the side of their exhibit here in the zoo. Don’t be afraid as none have escaped since the zoo’s creation and they’re quite well-fed.

We have a parents’ night out and fall family sleepover. There are loads of events that are excellent for the whole family. With lots and lots of exhibits, it’s fun to spend time in the zoo when we let all the animals out of their cages. Just kidding. If you want, you should consider membership. Membership is excellent for locals who want to frequent the museum often.

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