Check Out The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Since The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens were first established in 1934, they’ve become a favorite of locals and visitors alike. It’s the oldest major Japanese garden in all of Texas and is famous for its stunning Japanese landscapes. The gardens are open to the public seven days a week and also serve as a venue for private events.

The Garden’s Features

The garden covers more than 110 acres and has a wide array of plants and features on display. It’s home to multiple rose gardens, including the Oval Rose Garden and the Lower Rose Garden, which is inspired by the gardens of Italy.

The Fragrance Garden is filled with fragrant plants and is designed to allow the visually impaired to appreciate the beauty of the gardens. The Japanese Garden, which covers 7 acres in total, includes koi ponds, Japanese maples, and a teahouse. These are just some of the many features that this spacious garden has to offer.

Conservation Efforts

Many species of begonia are vulnerable in their natural habitats and require protection. This garden is home to a Begonia Species Bank that is specifically designed to protect begonias that are under threat. It’s the largest collection of begonias in the United States.

There are many begonia species that are in danger of being lost forever. The species bank here is specifically designed to prevent that. There are a number of begonia species that can be seen when you visit the park. At the Begonia Exhibition Greenhouse, you can even see hybrids.

Private Events and Educational Programs

Since the gardens provide such a beautiful backdrop, they are often rented out for private events, including weddings and wedding receptions. In addition to that, it’s common to see people using the gardens for photoshoots. There are public events hosted here as well, such as Japanese festivals and sculptural displays.

In addition, there are many educational programs hosted here that are available to the public. Many of these programs are hosted in the Backyard Vegetable Garden. Examples of some of the programs that have been offered in recent years include the Little Sprouts program for children and botanical arts and craft programs for adults.

The Fort Worth Botanical Gardens is home to over 2,500 species of plants. Whether you’re local to the area or someone that is just passing through Fort Worth, you owe it to yourself to visit these gardens and see what they have to offer.

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